تالار زبانشناس

زنگ تفریح بچه های زبانشناس 🔔

Guys, I’m a bit busy these days and I can’t afford to put so much time here.

I was wondering if any of our active members can take over the challenge?

Let me know.


Thank you very much :slight_smile::rose::rose::tulip:


Hey :rose::hibiscus:
I suppose you’ve already made up your mind about the subject, but, only to say my view, I think both are good but I prefer talking about the major.

Sorry I’m busy too but I try to talk here more often


Thank you. :rose:

Ok then.
I will put up next week’s challenge on thursday myself.

I will visit here only on wednesdays to see if any of you had suggested a subject or not ( please bold it so I would notice it) and if you hadn’t, I will try to come up with some ideas which would be easy to write according to your taste and post it here on thursdays. ( in case some one couldn’t take my place)

Though, I would appreciate it if others would help me as much as they can. Asking for a coment including 2 or 3 mere words to indicate you agree with my suggestions or not, is not such a big deal.

We are here to talk to each other. If it’s only me talking and asking others to participate, it won’t go on for long.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m forcing people to talk to me and it’s not really nice.

See you on thursday. :rose:


Hi guys
im from Gorgan and i live in Gorgan

as you know, Gorgan is a forests city and It lies approximately 400 km to the north east of Tehran, some 30 km away from the Caspian Sea.

Gorgan is Capital of the Golestan Province but we dont have good beach, and our beaches are dry but Golestan has Beautiful Forest and Green Cities :smiley:
“Naharkhoran” is a Forest or a big natural Park in the North of Gorgan and It is 15 minutes away from our house (by car)



if you dont like Naharkhoran, you have another Choice, Sorosh Jangal is another jungle in the heart of Gorgan, near to Naharkhoran, you can go there by car or even bus😁

We have other forests near us :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The majority of Gorgan population is Fars
the old name of Gorgan, is jorjan “جرجان” or Estarabad “استرآباد” but we called our city Gorgan
Gorgan is a small, beautiful and forest city and have good population, History, Possibilities, etc. and the good point of our city compared to the other two northern provinces is: we dont have a lot of Tourist and our city is Clean

Tuskestan forest


Gorgan Tower


Sorosh Jangal

Ziarat Waterfall

i love my city :slightly_smiling_face:

i love Newyork because its largest city ik the world and its one of the best cities and its capital of the world🙂


I prefer this one. It’s more (what’s the word?) well-thought-out.

Managing a forum and a conversation is not as easy as it seems. It takes time, concentration and energy. I saw a bunch of Farsi comments with a lot of Likes and readers, but why dont’ they support English comments? Most of us wait for someone else to create a good atmosphere, and we want to learn something from them (especially from your comments) but not even move a finger ourselves. If some people don’t wake up, they will lose all their good English forums, and it will be them and those useless forums about uploading pictures and useless questions. (I may be new and too bold, but I’m sure you know I’m right).

People, don’t let others carry you. You will lose them sooner or later.

Giso, don’t count on others. Go and focus on your own work. Even your friends who write one sentence a month will miss you. Even though they don’t know what they are missing right now.

Don’t ask for more “skilled users”, make or attract them by creating a good forum


Good theory.
Honestly I don’t watch movies a lot, too. I watched this movie, but I gave watching it up because I found it too sad. And in that particular point of my life I just didn’t want to be sad more than that. Anyhow its cartoon was so amazing.
Thanks for sharing your standpoint about it with us. I liked that Dialogue.


Yout city is sooo beautiful.

Iran has many beautiful areas. I don’t know why no one knows about them.

Can you believe they are in Iran?


Actually they are perfect

Now I see these pictures I remember my discussion with my Father.
every year we go to mashhad and that’s the problem for me .I’ve gone to mashhad for about 15 times as I’m 15 years old!
I always tell to my father we should go to other historical cities in Iran for sightseeing and having fun and …
there are some other great cities in iran.
like Shiraz esfahan that had a lot of tourist attractions .
so why we should go to mashhad .
mashhad is repetitive for me and my father said that this city is different than others because of imam Reza.
And because I went to Mashhad many times I know every places in mashhad🤣

so far, we didn’t come up with any special result.



I loved this one myself a great deal. I think we are avoiding to think about things which are of great importance in our lives. I mean, there is a
meaning in every word, every act and every thing around us. but people just don’t pay attention to them.
Thinking about the things which we are grateful for, is not really hard. It seems hard because we refuse to to think about them.

Noticing good things in life can make a great flow of happiness. We should realize the value of things we have before losing them. What good moaning and whining will do when we no longer have them?

I agree with every word you said. And thanks for your great piece of advice. :rose:


Yeah, it was sad but it was meaningful too.
I liked it. I could do with a happy ending myself, though. And I just could perfectly understand the main character. I’m almost like her.



Keep trying, you may persuade him ,eventually.


I’m trying

And because of covid-19 we can not go anywhere right now

              Our weekly subject

                  Field of study

You can answear the following questions:

  1. Why did you choose it?

  2. What jobs can you be employed to by studying that field?

  3. Is it easy to get a job after you have completed your education?

  4. Are you satisfied with your choice?

  5. If you could go back, would your choise be the same?

  6. Did you get enough help and guidance when you wanted to choose your field of study/ major?

  7. What are your suggestions for younger people who hadn’t chosen their major, yet?


Guys I put up this week’s subject and I will join you here next week. :rose:


Hello everyone
I like this topic
I have a problem. Im afraid from writing english.
I dont know for what?
please help me!
I write english like a baby


Hello dear mina :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:
Every thing start with starting you should start the writing :wink:


Thank you
so l must start from where?


Every place :wink:
Here is the best place for writing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So you must ask me one question
Please its be esay