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تمرین رایتینگ - کلاس درس

Writing Challenge – Classrooms

Hello, and welcome to the next writing challenge.
Today, we want to talk about “Classrooms”.
So, as a teacher, I’ve always wanted to know what is the ideal classroom for the students.
Now you can help me answer these questions.

Now, first of all, please remember, try not to let it exceed 200 words.
Secondly, if you have no idea what to write about, don’t worry. You can simply answer the questions (there’s no need to answer all of them, though), but again, don’t forget to include your ideas too.
And finally, if you want to receive feedback, let me know.

Alright, so what’s your ideal classroom?
Let’s get started.


  1. Classrooms or online learning; which one do you prefer*? Why?
  2. How many breaks do you need in a 90-minute class?
  3. Is the seating plan or arrangement important for you?
  4. Homework or classwork; which one do you prefer*? Why?
  5. Can you name 5 things that you don’t like about your classrooms?

Alright, have fun.
Good luck!


۱. کدام را ترجیح می‌دهید؛ کلاس‌های حضوری یا آنلاین؟ چرا؟
۲. از نظر شما در یک کلاس ۹۰ دقیقه‌ای، به چند استراحت نیاز است؟
۳. آیا چینش صندلی و آرایش کلاس برایتان مهم است؟
۴. بیشتر با تکالیف کلاسی راحت‌ترید یا تکالیف خانه؟ چرا؟
۵. از کدام جوانب کلاس‌های حضوریتان ناراضی بودید؟ به ۵ مورد از آن‌ها اشاره کنید.
۶. …

موفق باشید!


Hi Matin. What an interesting question !
I try to answer as a teacher and student if that’s okay.

I prefer classrooms to be honest. Both as a teacher and as a learner, because I like face-to-face interaction as person, and I think you have more choices in terms of the activities you can do. However, I really like the convenience that online teaching provides.
It depends on how long the breaks are, but I think one 3 to 5 minute break would be enough for a 90 -minute classroom.
The seating arrangement definitely plays a role, and I like the circle seating arrangement as a student and a teacher
I prefer classwork to homework, because we need to make the most of the time and attention that is present in the classroom, and is dedicated to learning one hundred
percent in my opinion. . Although homework is important especially if there are longer time intervals between sessions


Hello :wave:
Ok let’s get started

  1. I chose classroom because i think learning is easier :relieved:and i love school and school atmosphere

2.in my opinion 2 breaks :grin::rainbow:

3.yes but not very much :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

4.I am comfortable with both :relieved:, but if i want to choose , i choose homework :open_book::ledger::page_with_curl:

  1. Stress and i think nothing anymore i am one of these people who loves school and study :open_book::upside_down_face:
    Thanks and good luck :+1:

Hi everyone and dear Matin​:wave:t2::hugs:

Classroom or schoolroom is a learning space in which both children and adults learn.
I really like school and learning because besides our lessons such as math, science, literature… We an learn life lessons like hard work pay off, give respect, team work brings decisions and the most important ones you can become anything that you want. In the modern classroom, students are actively involved in constructing content and new idea but from my point of view the ideal classroom is a positive place where a student can come toward specific goals set.
Honesty I prefer classrooms because you know that your in a learning space or room it’s maintain regular eye contact with the entire class. You can hear your teacher’s voices in reality not like online classes which takes place in student’s bed. I don’t have an idea about online classes, what should I say about it? Our teachers couldn’t use smart phones. But some thing make me wonder lazy students really like online classes but why the didn’t even say hi or participate in classes!?
As I know each 60 minutes study you need 5 _10 minutes break but for 90 minutes classes it’s dependent on what you have during that 90 minutes I mean you have professional or public lessons but 15_20 minutes it’s enough.
Personally I never pay attention to seating plan or arrangement I can study in every situation or places it’s really not important your target is to pass the class and more important learning something. I can deal or cope with all the circumstances.
I would rather classes work therefore it can be challenging and after school you don’t have much time. After school I have to study English for my English class then I have to study with Zabanshenas next I have to go to test classes and all the classes that are related to entrance exam I wish each day was more than 24 hours because I’m worn out during school times also Iam busy.
In Iran I think all the students wew disagree with teaching methods, they hate their principles (as I hate them) we are learning by an old fashion ways that our last generation were learned.
The way of asking and answering its awful teachers aren’t creative. Some of them aren’t able to teach or speak clearly.
All in all education is really important for me and I love school and I enjoy learning at school due to in my life it can help me become a better citizen, show the difference between good or bad and help me to grow and develop.
I Wana be a creative teacher and every day I try
hard to achieve my goals and teaching at school.:sunglasses::woman_teacher:


Hi matin and thanks sooooooo much man for this challenge
That in today’s hectic life, everyone is enhancing their knowledge by learning in classes (online or
traditional classes) is an axiom. Many students are inclined toward that online classes are better but on the other hand, opponents believe that traditional classes are more important and essential. While both views have their own positions, from my vantage point the first latter carries more weight. In the following paragraph I will delve into some conspicuous aspects which persuade me to put forward this perspective.

To begin with, time and money is really significant for every person and when you take part in online classes you can save them remarkably. My own
experience demonstrate this concept. When I was a student I had to take a taxi and pay money for that and spend two hours for arriving in Esfahan university in fact as I am living in a small town online classes are definitely better than traditional classes. What’s more I can use saving time for learning other skill such as playing violin or going to the gym.

All in all, I would rather online classes owing to saving time and money

  1. one break is enough

  2. classes should be clear and the chairs plan is
    important so we should put them in the best way depending on that class. For example I would like to arrangements them like semicircle for a math class.

  3. as I consider myself a good learner and I am hard working both of them are useful.


Hi there :blush::heartbeat:




Online classes are my favorits, because i can have fun on them,
So, isn’t it better?

Oh 90 mins
Kharej az shokhi, i need 30 mins; 15 mins for 45

Yes because i think it has a direct effect on concentration and thus learning

Because i think my home time, is mine!

Class population
Heating and cooling systems
education system



Hi, there
I want to answer your questions as a teacher.
I think :thinking: both of them are dependent on the class topic.
For some classes that are workshops and laboratory is very important that students been in classrooms and see how the teachers do everything but in the theory classes , online classrooms are exactly useful.
And the third group are some lessons are very good when you can combine both online and classical teaching.
I hope we can get used to using the online classes after we will come back to university or school :mortar_board:.


Hi Matin,
This is a wise choice on the verge of launching a new school year. I was that naughty talkative girl who, if she had a chance, would eat fruit leather secretly with her friends in the last row of class during class time. I remember while talking with my friend in physics class, the teacher said" Ghabel! Go to the blackboard and solve this question." I went confidently and did it. The teacher said," it’s fine, don’t talk anymore".:see_no_evil:Those good old days.
Many years have passed, for now, as a teacher and, if God willing, as a student (I did the entrance exam for the master’s degree, the result will come out)

  1. I prefer the classroom, of course. Online learning sucks. Students can not learn well. School is not just about learning lessons and this stuff, it’s about having eye contact and social communication. We may be able to learn lessons online. But school is not only for education. It’s a place to learn and practice social behaviors, making long-lasting friendships. Although, there are pros and cons of both methods. Online learning is way more convenient for both teachers and students. They can make it from the bed under the cover. :joy::raised_hands:
  1. The break might be one for 5 minutes, I guess. I can do without any break though. Students want a break to talk, actually they talk during the class without needing a break. I don’t need that, no one wants to talk to me :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
  1. Yeah, for sure. In my classes, students supposedly seat in a circle facing their computer system.
  1. I prefer classwork rather than homework. If students just make a try to do pay attention to what the teacher says in the class, they would learn easily and much more efficiently. And it is significantly better than doing it at home without any help and lots of mistakes.
  1. As a teacher, punctuality is the first rule, :see_no_evil: I apologize to all my students. They can talk, but when it comes to teaching, it is forbidden.
    I think students have many complaints about some rules at school like formal clothes, staying in line and do exercise in the morning every day. They might dislike some of their teachers, which they had to see and blah blah blah. All have been solved by online learning.

My pleasure, I’m deeply grateful :pray:


I prefer online classes because I’m at home and I can be comfortable, I can be with my children and do my works at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:
.During the class I think 1break can be enough
And at last I prefer homework because I can spend enough time on that and I can have more studies


I hope you like it :hibiscus::boom:


Hi :raised_back_of_hand:
:pray:t2:Thanks for sharing those great videos


You’re totally welcome :relaxed:


Hi there, dear Shaghayegh :blush::wave:

That’s great

Exactly. And it’s definitely easier to manage classrooms.

As a teacher, I totally agree
As a student, I don’t :grin:

Thanks a lot for participating :rose::blush: Really enjoyed your views on the matter :pray:


Hi there, :blush::wave:

:sweat_smile: Really? Come on… classrooms are not easier…

:ok_hand: As a student, I think you’re right :grin:

Good for you!
That’s rare :grin:

Thank you so much for participating :blush::rose: Enjoyed your views on the matter


Hi there, dear Narges :blush::wave:

You’re totally right. We develop our social skills there.

Absolutely ideal, but does it happen here?

A very good point :ok_hand:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m one of those lazy students tbh

That’s a lot :grin: For a teacher, that’d be impossible

That’s really great :ok_hand:

I understand. It’s really tough

Wow, good luck! :ok_hand::shamrock:
You really want to become a teacher… that’s great

Thanks a lot for participating :blush::rose: Enjoyed your views on the matter


Hello friends! :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf::maple_leaf:

  1. By and large, I prefer the classrooms because the students can learn better and from the other sides the school’s atmosphere impel to pay attention to your teacher and class because you don’t have any way to escape from lesson even in Math!
    To be honest I don’t get along well with online classes because it made me lazy, you know?! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  2. As a learner, we have break in our English class because my teacher alwayes tells ‘‘you have break all day so you don’t need during the class’’ and we, like good children respect to our teacher.
    Although as a teacher if I were in her shoes, I think 85m break it’s good idea :grin:

  3. Yeah, ofcourse it is. In my book the classes shouldn’t have decoration and unfortunately some schools design the classes by painting you know, they are confusing students, I study in the library because there are too many distractions at home and school.
    Thank you :sunflower:


Hi there, Nassime :blush::wave:

My pleasure :blush::rose:

Totally agreed :ok_hand:

I had the same problems :man_shrugging: I can totally relate


Thanks a lot for participating :blush::rose: Enjoyed your views on the matter


Hi there, dear Yeganeh :blush::wave:
Welcome back :grin:

0:20 That’s true

0:31 Of course, online classes could sound a little robotic

0:52 Oh, that’s a lot :rofl:

1:15 That’s annoying

Thanks a lot for participating :blush::rose: Enjoyed listening to you


Hi there, Dorsa :blush::wave:

Sure, it is :rofl: They’re the best

That’s A LOT! :joy:
I guess you need self-study.

Totally agreed

Good point
But with 30-minute breaks, there would be no time for classwork :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much for participating :blush::rose: Enjoyed your opinions