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Hi there everybody!

Welcome to this week’s Writing Challenge.
Today, we’re here to discuss the concept of “beauty” and its importance.

First of all, I guess we can all agree that beauty, as we know it, is simply the features of an object, which makes it pleasurable to perceive. Therefore, whatever that you consider aesthetically pleasing is called beautiful.

Now, I want you to write about your opinion on the concept and importance of beauty.
:grimacing:Remember please! Try not to let it exceed 200 words… I mean, come on!

If you have no idea what to write about, don’t worry, I got you

You can take a look at the questions here.

These will help you come up with some great ideas you can write about in your essay but don’t forget to include your own ideas as well.

  1. How important physical beauty and attractiveness is in your life?

  2. Do you think beauty is subjective?

  3. What are your definitions of beauty?

  4. How much time or money do you spend on beauty?

  5. Physical attractiveness or intelligence; Which one do YOU prefer?

درود به همگی!

به چالش رایتینگ این هفته خوش اومدین دوستان.
امروز می‌خوایم راجع به مفهوم «زیبایی» و اهمیتش توی زندگی صحبت کنیم.

به صورت خلاصه می‌تونیم بگیم که تعریف زیبایی، می‌شه اون ویژگی‌هایی از هر جسم، که باعث می‌شن ما تجربه‌ی ادراکی و حسی مثبتی ازش داشته باشیم، حالا ادراک به هر نحوی.

حالا از شما دوستان می‌خوام که نظرات خودتون رو برای این موضوع، به صورت یک متن نوشتاری برامون بفرستید.

در ضمن، اگه ایده‌ای واسه شروع به نوشتن کردن ندارین، مشکلی نداره، یه نگاه به ۵ تا سوال نمونه‌ی ذکر شده بندازید حله! قطعا کلی ایده و حرف واسه گفتن واسه‌شون دارین :blush:

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I prefer both of them , physicsl attractiveness and intelligence together :sweat_smile::laughing:
But you know its up to you … i mean we have different concept about meaning of beauty
Maybe you say spring is the most beautifull season of all but some one else says that " i’m not agree with you" and he or she loves anothr season
I belive that every creature is beautifull because the creator is beautifull

If i had some mistakes in my essay please ignor them😅 because this is my first writing i’ve ever written😅

12 پسندیده

I really enjoyed your views on the concept of beauty :grin: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Thank you very much and I’d have to say I agree with you.

By the way, don’t worry about mistakes :grin: .

Whenever you want to write or speak here, you can totally forget about the grammar, vocabulary, and all the rules.

Just talk and enjoy! :blush:

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Hello guys hope to doing well :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:
How an interesting topic !:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Let’s move on questions…:wink:

1.To be honest, fifteen percent (50%) because I am not person that I pay attention to beauty.

  1. Frankly I can’t understand what do you mean ?
    If you mean is it private?
    Yes ofcourse, kinda.
    Actually, beauty is connate and it depends to your luck.
    Some people have and …:sweat_smile:

3.my impertion beauty depends to yourself
I mean if you have good tempered or be kind or …some thing like that.
My idea you are most beautiful person that I know

4.If I say so my self every single second I think about this important subject.
As you know beauty for girls are so important and biotic.

5.If I speak my mind inteligence .
Nowadays inteligence is important.
Mark my words😉

And at last I thank from @matinrohany for creating this useful topic.
Thanks I needed this topic for practiceing.

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Hi there Reyhaneh :grin::raising_hand_man:

First of all thank you very much for your time, you did a great job.

Secondly, by question number 2, I meant do you think that each person can individually define beauty, or there are actually some certain parameters or characteristics that we can accept as a standard?

By the way, thanks for your kind word and you’re most certainly welcome :blush::rose::pray:

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Beauty in each person has a lot to do with his personality.
Spirit, idea, thought …
Beauty is what you feel inside and reflected in your eyes.
Some people are very beautiful
But not because of the pleasant face
Not because of its attractive appearance
Not because of influential words
But only because of what they are.
Our lives are full of beautiful pictures. beautiful face. Beautiful eyes…

But the most important thing is to see the beauties and enjoy our lives
And be happy
These are the most important principles of life.

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Thank you for your time, that was great! :clap:

And as the topic, I find your views on the concept of beauty, beautiful :blush::pray:

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1.it’s important but not just because of physical issues. Our apriens has connecte to our confidence and our vision of beauty. The other point is we triy to look like the things that we like so we look like our thoughts.
3.In my opinion beauty is balenced combination between face or body elements and how we set our style with them.
5.I think intelligence is more important because we live with our mind and our brains is who deside to how we feel but I don’t mean attractivity don’t matter.

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ممنون میشم توضیح بدید در سوال 2 subjective به چه معنا به کار گرفته شده؟ :pray:

6 پسندیده

Hi there

I think you’re right. I mean, I have the exact same beliefs and no one can deny the connection between confidence and physical attractiveness :ok_hand::ok_hand:

But at the end of the day, intelligence is more important because using our brains, we can figure out how to enjoy our lives.

Thank you for your time :grin::clap:

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بله البته :blush:

بالاتر برای ریحانه خانم هم توضیح دادم:

در واقع آیا فکر می‌کنید که زیبایی، مسئله‌ای سلیقه‌ای و نسبی هستش؟ و فرد با فرد می‌تونن جدا تعریفش کنن؟ یا یک سری مشخصات و ویژگی‌ها هستن که ما باید به عنوان استاندارد بپذیریمشون؟

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I think physical beauty is very important, especially in this time. Having a physical beauty make humans attractiveness and beautiful.
However, it’s not only reason for life and if somebody can’t having it mustn’t will be desperate.
In my opinion beauty is in humans treatment, no in their face or body. Beauty without good morals is meaningless, but all of us choose beauty in our live, not good treatment.

I sorry for my wrongs…:hibiscus::grin::grin:

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Thank you very much Mina :grin::pray:

Actually, a great point! :clap:
I believe, that’s true.

And never worry about any mistakes you might make, it’s totally okay.
You just need to talk and enjoy :blush:

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Hi there, every one. :blue_heart:

To me, the concept of beauty, is defined by simple, true, honest acts of good will.

Beauty is not what we see in our mirrors but it’s what’s inside us. Beauty can be seen in a hand which is always there to help you up. Beauty is the unconditional love of a mother. Beauty means being caring and generous and true. It’s not about how you look but it’s about how you act and feel. It’s not about beautiful faces but it’s about beautiful hearts.

True loves and friendships, don’t happen in a flash of a second by seeing an elegant, breathtaking pair of green eyes or whatever. You grow to love people.
You grow to like and care for them by seeing their insides. Their behavior, manner, beliefs and perspectives.

You don’t fall in love with a face. You fall in love with a soul.

You can’t make yourself loved by cosmetics. You become loved by your character.

Beauty is present in every one. Just some people have left it unchecked for such a long time that now it’s covered in dust. It may be feeble and small and pale but it’s still there.

Beauty is when you feel blessed by seeing a smiling face, hearing a familiar voice and holding
the hands that have raised and cared for you.

And if it’s not what we call beauty, then I wonder what is?

Thanks Mr. @matinrohany for your well-thought choice of subject and for giving us the chance to write about it. :rose: :pray: :rose:

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Hi there Gisoo :raising_hand_man:

That was incredible! An elegant definition of the word “beauty” and astonishing choice of words. :clap:

Thank you for your time :pray: I really enjoyed your views on the matter :rose:

7 پسندیده

That’s truly kind of you. :pray:

8 پسندیده

Wow…amazing what a pretty difinition of the word beauty :clap:

8 پسندیده

It’s nice of you to say.

8 پسندیده

Thanks for your attention
You I’ve got elementary level on the writing and I think these writing challenges are very helpful keep going lunch these events.
PS. Please let me know if I had some grammarly mistakes or use words in false concept

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Actually l think there are some beauty rules and scientific standards but human feelings could except or refuse them based on personal taste

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