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چالش 5 Discussion - فیلم - No Persian

Hello guys

Ok, the fifth challenge is here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the previous ones.

We’ve chosen the topic Movies for this week, so here we go…

Answer these questions and talk about this subject as much as you like then the other members will listen to you and talk to you about them.

  1. What was the last movie you saw? How was it?
  2. What is your favorite movie? Why?
  3. How are the movies in your country? What are the best ones?
  4. How often do you watch movies in English?
  5. If there were a movie about your life, what kind of movie would it be? Why?

About the next topic. Share your suggestions and if you don’t have any, choose of these:

  • Life
  • Sports
  • Books

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Rules: I don’t like to call them rules. but especially for this challenge, we need some rules

  1. Never use Persian
  2. Your priority must be recording and talking but if it’s not possible writing in English can be your second choice.
  3. under every recording use these codes
code Meaning
CC Chit - Chat
RTT Related To The Topic

CC will be used when you are specifically talking to a person and you don’t want anyone else to talk to you about it.

for example:


In this picture, I recorded a voice specifically to Farzad and it’s not related to the topic that we are discussing, so anyone can avoid it and save some times.

RTT is about the main topic and by using this code you are saying " this voice is free for discussion."

Like this one:


So now everyone knows that this voice is related to the topic and is free for discussion.

In this way, we prevent all the spams and there is no need to listen to all voices, especially the ones that are not related to all members

If you don’t use the code RTT, by default we assume that the voice is related to the topic.

But please use the CC code when is needed

OK, let’s do it.

Do you have any question? comment below :point_down::point_down:

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You said murder instead of murdrer twice


I’m sorry, I didn’t see that topic, please tell me, and surely, I’ll watch it



I changed it for you

Movies" is the topic for this week as you can see in the title.

Huh Gotcha?

good :clap::clap:


سلام انشالا وقت کنم صدامم میفرستم.
About q number 1: lost but for two times, it’s series. You know I love eng movies because I wanna improve my accent and speaking. N 2: dear diary , the green mile, forest gump, flash forwards , mars … First of all. I like the acters like Tom Henks, paul wisely, Ian somerther…and David de caperio I am not sure about writting their last name .
N3: I n Iran just I love comedy movies like sakhte iran . khane be dush. … We have good acters for it like Mehran Modiri, Reza Ataran , Javd razavian va ezati, Mohsen kiae… Alot acters. N4: always I see because I love eng movie .N5: about my childhood due to I was very funy, noisey and naughty. :grin:


Hi dear friends
1- The last movie I saw was By the time Of sham.It was not so good that it was admired.
2- My favorite movie is Korean romantic films and action films. I like romantic films because I am so Emotional and I like action films because I love excitation.
3- Most films in Iran are made up of social issues.The best Iranian films are social comedy films that show community problems with joke.
4- For some reason, I see very little movie. It does not matter whether it is Persian or English But now I’m going to put the English movie in my program
5- oh, it’s so exciting, Emotional and With so many adventures because I like these features


Hi my friends
this is my first recording. I make lots of mistakes so I’m sorry.
just I want to start and participate in this challenge
( I try to be better )



1-My last wath movie is american pie :joy:,i love it,because in the that movie they does funny, did u see that?
2-my favorite movies are recep ividek(turkish movie) and i love action and war movie because i love all of guns,like m4 and ak47 etc and comedy movie.
3-i didnt love iranian’s movie, it’s sucks :persevere:.
4-i say top,i love war and comedy movies.
5-i lidnt have idea,because my life isnt like comdey or war etc.


Hi everyone, thank you Mr @YoKambiz for sharing this kind of interesting discussions and encourage group members to participate in these discussions🙏
First of all I’d like to say that every kind of movie with great actor or actress or good content can attract me to watch it… I’ve seen lots of terrific movies, but I’d choose some of them like Sweeny Todd with great performance by Johnny Depp, my favorite actor… Second movie is The others, a psychological horror movie with stars like Nicole Kidman, it has aired a couple of time on TV… The third movie that I really like it, is inception with highly accomplished actors like Leonardo Decaprio and Joseph Gordon…
The last movie that I saw was my brother khosro with special performance by shahab Hosseini, as you know he is one of the professional and success actor in our country… About movie in Iran, I think there are some success directors in our country like tahmineh milani that have maked good movies, her last movie was Mali and untaken path that related more our society issues especially about women, and I like this kind of movie…
Whenever I take free time I’d like to watch my favorite foreign movie especially new one of them… About last question to tell the truth I’ve not ever thought about it, so I have no special answer for this one… …]()



Hi Mr. Ehsan thanks for your participation. :clap::clap::clap:

About watch and see I have to say these questions are coming from FluentU which is from a native English speaker. So I don’t think It’s wrong to say I saw a movie.

yeah, that’s what I’m talking about :grin:

thanks for your participation Mrs. Hengame :clap::clap::clap:

Like Jomong? :grin:

Thanks, Miss Hanane. It’s great to see you participate in challenges :clap::clap::clap:

Wow some old movie here :grin::grin:

I think I watched it when I was 17.

I liked it and I laughed a lot :wink:

great to have you here buddy. thanks for your participation :rose::rose::rose:

ur welcome my friend. :rose::rose::rose:

Wow Johnny Depp :v::v:

I can see that you are a fan of horror movies.

Awesome. :clap::clap::clap:

Thanks for your participation Ms. Nasrin. It’s great to have you here and I really enjoyed reading your ideas.

Thanks to everyone :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Noooooooooooooooooo, jackie chan :grin::grin::grin:

Thank you for your support


:smiley::v::blossom:It’s very kind of you… Thank you
It’s my honor to be here; in your great group with positive mood and your energetic presence​:rose::four_leaf_clover::shamrock:wish the best for all of you… :pray:




معنی خوب میفهمم ولی نوشتن و گرامرم مشکل داره امشب سعی میکن یه متن بنویسم ببین خوبه


خیلی هم خوب👍شروع کن به نوشتن اشتباه هم داشتی,هیچ مشکلی نیس ,همه ممکنه اشتباه کنن مهم اینه پیش بری کم کم راه میفتی…, بعد اینکه نگران گرامر نباش علی جان, مطمعن باش همه به نوعی با گرامر درگیر هستن, ولی به مرور حل میشه,…بنویس بفرس برام حتما میبینم… به نوشته ها و ویسایی که بچه ها میفرستن هم دقت کن ,اینم خیلی کمکت میکنه…@aliasghar1999


دوست عزیز،همه ی ما تو گرامر مشکل داریم.خجالت نکش ، تو چالش ها شرکت کن سعی کن اگه انگلیسی لغتی رو نمیدونی فارسیش و بنویس.
موفق باشی


با سلام خدمت دوستان عزیز. دقیقا نمی دونم چرا هر بار همین اتفاق می افتد بعد از ضبط کردن صدا می فهمم یه بخشی از اون ضبط نشده . آخر صحبتام یه هویی قطع میشه خواستم بابت این اختلال عذر خواهی کنم. موفق باشید


بله بعضی اوقات واسه منم پیش میاد نمی دونم چرا شاید حافظه تون کمه یا شاید حداکثر زمان ضبط صداتون رو توی تنظیمات نرم افزاریش خیلی کم تنظیم کردید