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Hello my friends, hello my great peer group
.it’s the first challenge that I attend to so I have very glad :)))
For the first post, I want to write about my son that will be born in three months later. and my wife and I are counting days to see the third member of our family.
We don’t select a name for our son but we decide to select a name that starts with ‘sh’ because it will be matched with our second name :))


Congradulate to you my friend.this is very exciting
I wish the best for the entire of your family

Dear Ehsan
I congratulate you for having your first child. I hope you're enough responsible for your maternal duties. Your son will certainly be proud of you for your perseverance.
As my last word, I wish a long and successful life for your child

congratulation my friend.
hope to hear more good news about your family and yourself
wish you and your son the best.
I can suggest the name “shayan” I like this name :grin:


It’s one of our options such as Shahab and Shahed

Thank you very much


Hi Mr. Ehsan
Thanks for your participation to this Challenge.
And i have an idea about your new born son.
You can choose his name: Shahram or Shahrad or Shahyar
شهرام، شهراد، شهیار


And you can use this Telegram channel to survey these names (All of names you candidate for your son) with other members


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:I congratulate a loOoOt
God save your son :baby:


Hi Mr.Ehsan,
I congratulate you for being father and your wife for being mother. this waiting is the sweetest wait for you. I wish the best.


Second topic
Amazing reason
It might be interesting for you if you know my reason to be hurried about learning English.
It is only for a joke.
it said: "When you’re in a restaurant, " you thought a lot to choose a food from the menu and say it to the waiter. If the waiter says: I’m sorry, we don’t have that today. you must choose another food quickly and there is no time to thought a lot… The thirties is like that situation. you don’t have a lot of time you must to reach our dreams.


خیلی جالب بود .آفرین.فقط آخرش our dream میشه یا your dream


Third topic
One of our choices for naming our baby is “SHahed”, I love this name.
A name that rarely is chosen these days by parents.
SHahed means “beautiful boy” in classical poetry. so it has a good meaning.
another our reason is that Dr. Elahi Ghomshei picks SHahed for naming his son.
Also, SHahed is a name of Allah and one of Muhammad’s nicknames.
Is it a good name in your opinion? What do you think about it?


I like this word: niknam, my last name.:grinning:
what a pretty name? , Shahed
one of important duties that parent have is entitling so that themselves be proud of their own choise and kids like that name when they grow up.
Shahed is a great choise, in my opinion.


I think this name is so beautiful and graceful


Nice name you chose
In my POV shahed is a good name :heart::heart::heart:


Fourth Topic
Story of God
Do you know Morgan Freeman? Obvious, he’s a famous actor and I think all of you know him.
Sevelar years ago, I watched “Bruce Almighty”, a comedy movie with stars Jim Carrey as Bruce and Morgan Freeman as God.
It was just a fiction but after that Morgan Freeman creates some documentary series about world creation, life after death, soul and etc.
His first series was “Through the Wormhole” that broadcasted in 8 seasons and will continue in more season in future.
And his second series is “The Story of God”, I watched the first episode of the first season of it. its title was " beyond the death" and in that Morgan Freeman interviewed with a man who returned to life after a drowning in the ocean for 20 minutes. He also visited Egypt, Israel, and India to show some pictures and speak to someones about death and soul.
I suggest this series to you.
It’s so funny but I am reading its English subtitle now.


Fifth topic
I swear by the time
Most surely man is in loss
except those who believe and do good, and enjoin on each other truth and enjoin on each other patience.

It’s the best instruction of success for me.


Sixth topic
I just visited a page on Wikipedia that shocked me. it was about prizes that offered to scientific evidence of paranormal abilities.
The list includes a lot of offers from all over the world and amazingly no one wins a prize.
Is there a miracle?
We all hear about patients who heal in holy shrines. all of those are a lie?I don’t know.
What do you think about it?


I think there’s no proof to the healing. just some thoughts are included.
no one can prove the healings happened.
true or not no one can prove it.

Hi. Human being always needs a hero from womb to tomb. Everyone has a hero for itself.

When we were kids we had heroes (mother and father)

After being adults we need stronger feeling about heroes

Some of us would choose God
Some of us would choose superheroes

It’s just a Supernatural power to convince yourself of this thought: I can’t do anything strange by myself. I need something bigger to do harder things that I can’t do. And then your soul will choose God.

Human soul is very weak and it should be connected to a greater and powerful thing or person.

Let me invite you to read this article:

Ps: I believe in god
Don’t blame me for this thought. I know it exists