چالش وبلاگ «ehsan957»

چالش وبلاگ «ehsan957»


Seventh topic
In this topic, Ms. Narges ask me to introduce Goodreads and talk about it. and I obey and do it.
Goodreads is officially a part of Amazon and is a social network of books. if you register on it you can find books and mark them as read, to read or currently reading.
after you read a book you can give 1-5 star to that and can write a review about and suggest to others.
So every time I want to choose a book to read, first I read its reviews and look at its stars.
each year Goodreads invites users to participate in the annual challenge of reading, in the challenge users must set a goal of reading and try to reach it, for example, I set 36 books for 2017 and I complete 72P of it by reading 26 books.
Goodreads is a good social network, in that you can meet good persons, good book readers, and good authors.
it is my Goodreads profile, I will glad it you follow me on that.

:hearts: چالش ایجاد عادت های مفید در زندگی :hearts:

Eighth topic
Pro Medal
I’m very glad, I’m very very glad, I’m very very very glad.
I’m walking on air because Zabanshenas give me pro medal, it is very important for me.
I just check and I saw only 29 members have that badge.
I’m so glad that I want to kiss my co-workers But you know if I do I will be fired, You know its reason :smile:


congratulation Ehsan :clap::clap::clap:


ninth topic
Forever, even after death
I usually go to the cemetery every Thursday afternoon. It’s a habit and I like it.
I feel relaxed after going there. and it’s Thursday.
Iwas walking on cemetry and see an amazing gravestone. A shared gravestone. it was for a couple who live together for years and now rest in peace forever


10th topic
Is it good for children? really?
For learning English you should read novels, easy novels, children novels, A.J. said. And you repeated it several times. He suggested reading Goosebumps series. And I did.
I just finished the first one. It was very interesting and amazing and I couldn’t stop reading. it absorbed me completely. it’ was very good, I gave it 4 stars in Goodreads.(before I wrote about Goodreads If you want you can read it)
But I have a big question in my mind and ask it from you. Is it good for children? really? poor children who read this book and can’t fall asleep never :joy::joy::joy:

خبر فوری :scream: :red_circle: اضافه شدن کتاب های هری پاتر و گوسبامپس به زبانشناس :red_circle:

You can try " The Streets Of Panic Park "
then you’ll find that the first book isn’t even scary :grin:

I found a biography book by R.L stine but I didn’t download it.

the description was something like:

is R.L Stine had a scary mind when he was a kid ?

somehow made me curious but still decided not to download it.


11th topic
By suggestion of most popular user of Zabanshenas’s forum(Who you know him) I tried to find English natives and speak to them. I tried several app and website that I found them on Google.
But I realized that WeSpeke is better than others. Maybe only for me. I search on that for who were English natives and were older than 40 years.
(I prefer older because young men and women usually use this for finding friends for a relationship and have no free time for learning purpose.)
In some days:
1: I spoke to a Canadian man who was petroleum engineer and worked on an oil platform on Syria. He worked for United Nations. He was a widower, his wife Jessica died five years ago and he missed for her very much, Now he thinks about new wife, who protect from his son that is 13 years old.
2: I spoke to a New Zealandian man who has 2 children a boy 21 years old and girl 25 years old, he send me some pretty pictures from his town beach and I send him some pictures of deserts of my town. He said that his wife love dates and pistachio, two agriculture products of my town.
3: I spoke to a girl from Brazil who amazingly didn’t love football and prefer volleyball and baseball to football. We talked about music and I said that I love classical and traditional music. I introduce Tar instrument to her and share a Tar playing video to her.


wooooow nice events to share.

do it more and of course share it more.

maybe in the future I’ll try WeSpeke too. and I’ll share my interactions with you guys.

and thanks for the complement you gave. I appreciate your kindness.


That’s cool
I like to find some new friends, but I didn’t find a good site,
So, thank you for sharing these your experiences


A short blog post,
My son born last night while the snow was falling after 3 years in yazd


congratulations :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I'm wishing you a lifetime of happiness with your new little baby boy.


Congratulate to you and your wife and your new baby.
Best wishes for you.


best wishes for you and your family. :heart:


god bless you and your familly


I congratulate you very much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
خدا زیادشون کنه :tulip::rose::tulip:
ب امید تبریک خواهرهاااا و برادرهااااش :heartbeat::heartbeat:


I wish best for you


Congratulation mr.ehsan
your baby is a gift from god, undoubtedly you’re more responsible to your family,
please give my regards to your wife
and congratulate on my behalf.
I wish the best for you all.


My friends and I joined in a Telegram group named “سرای اهل قلم” and we write an article for a local newspaper. we are free to choose our article subjects and after publishing, we discuss the article and say our opinion about that.
Some weeks ago a wrong mistake happened and author of an article got angry. He had written an article that begins with a poem and the newspaper published without that poem.
The author said removing poem cause distortion, and it doesn’t the same meaning that I want.
After this, We read the original article and confirm his claim.
It’s true that sometimes a little changing or removing some parts of a context can cause a lot of change in meaning it is distortion.
we have a lot of experience of distortion in media. we watched censored movies and read censored books.
We can see distortion in politics to that politicians distort their rivals speeches to defeat them.
Now I want to tell you about a distortion in our literature. this distortion is in a poem and the distorted edition is more common than the original. and we will read and listen to this poem in this days more and more because this poem is about Eid Fetr.

عید رمضان آمد و ماه رمضان رفت
صد شکر که این آمد و صد حیف که آن رفت

I can guess that you see this poem a lot but this poem is distorted edition. and Gha’ani compose a different one, his original poem is:

عید رمضان آمد و ماه رمضان رفت
صد شکر که این آمد و صد شکر که آن رفت

I recommend you to read the whole of this poem to see how this distortion changes the meaning of this poem.


عیدتون مبارک

Ali Asghar just published a topic on the forum that has a quote, it expressed about happiness.

I remember a Quran verse that says “لاخوف علیهم ولاهم یحزنون” and I really love it. the verse says that (good people) be neither fear nor sorrow.

Do you know what’s the main reason for the fear and the sorrow? thinking about the past and thinking about the future.

When we think about the past we think about our missing opportunities and we will be in sorrow. and when we think about the future we will fear because we know anything about the future and we don’t know about what will happen and so we will fear.

And the verse says that good people who believe the God live in the moment. like the quote that Ali Asghar shared.