چالش wsd - با موضوع« اوقات فراغت »

چالش wsd - با موضوع« اوقات فراغت »



سلام خدمت دوستان گرامی.

با چالش جدید نوشتاری همراه شما هستیم.

موضوع امروز این است که از اوقات فراغت خود چگونه استفاده می کنید؟

ده تا 15 خط درباره نحوه گذراندن اوقات فراغت خودتان بنویسید.

با عضویت در کانال تلگرامی گروه ، می تونید از آخرین فعالیت ها و چالش های گروه با خبر شید.


I think this is a good subject to talk about however I doubt I can write 10 lines about my free time activities because my free time activities are limited but I’ll do my best.
Let’s start with my free time activities in past.When I was 10 years old I had three major hobbies:
First,at that time I used to play with my computer for many hours especially in the summer and I usually played car races like formula 1 and many others and my best ever game that I believe is the best ever of video games series:Grand Theft Auto.Especially the San Andreas and V that I played till 6 months ago.
Second,I really enjoyed watching animations and action movies like tangled hair and I exceptionally enjoyed one great series:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Third and my often activity was visualization.I used to imagine a lot of great jobs and situations for myself.For instance once I imagined I was a commander of billions of people and the whole universe was under my order.Another time I planned a very big war between all men and all women and I would be the leader.At that time I was a total fan of my gender and I used to think all women must be killed and men should be the empires of the earth.What a maniac I was :laughing:
Let’s turn to present.Right now my often free time activity is playing with PS4 and watching TV and of course sometimes I read English stories as a hobby.And I still continue to visualize about my future and I really want to be very powerful and influent.
This is the end of my topic and I hope you guys a beautiful evening.


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Free time is a time that we use for different tasks. I used to read a book in free time or think about my dreams,
Sometimes I prefer to try new recipe for dinner time.
Most of the time I like to watch Youtube, and learning new things.
I have a lot of time during a day, so I full day with things that I told you. Ofcourse I do chores, clean my house, and so on…

I see this challenge now. Thanks @Rostamy_81


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I’ll try to participate in this challenge more from now on .

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and Thank you @afarkhani for this topic :nerd_face:

I think it’s very important what we do in our free time

Because some times it really can define our personality

In the past i used to watch useless TV programs :roll_eyes:

and wander around social media , study my
. lessons

But i’ve understand that my time is extremely
percious and i can’t just waste it like that :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

So i started to have more useful activities , like
. reading books , which is my favoriate activity now :nerd_face: :books:

and studing english (which i also used to do in the past but now in a more effecient and harder way)

I watch english movies and serieses for fun :grin:

and i have a more serious plan for exercising .

and more importantly caring about my behavior and trying to fade away my bad behaviors which is vital for everyone .

Thank you all for spending your precious time on reading this :star_struck:


Thank you for participating to this challenge :blossom::blossom::rose::rose:


My free time is 2 part: The time I can do some special things and the time I can do a lot of different things.
I use my first type of free times usually by watching TV, surfing the Web, eating, reading a book, biking alone or with friends, etc. And usually I waste time in these times.
In my second type of free times I usually practice English and visit Talar. And of course I waste time in these periods of times too but less than the previous one.
But you know when I’m going to school and the school is open, I can manage my time specially my free time much better. Maybe It’s because of my homework. You might also feel that when you have lots of things to do, you can manage your time very good, but when you have nothing to do, you can’t stop wasting time. So, in my opinion, when you feel your time is not useful for you, just in that moment, without thinking, make a new hobby for yourself. That would be very exciting!
Thank you, AHR


There is a lot of different activities for free time such as chatting on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on but this is not a good idea if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend that you use them as free time activity :D. I mention it in some case not all of them what we can use the social media as having free time activity. but we all know that the using extremely social media is a boring sometimes or waste time. of course, I like to use social media for some good things, for example, if you want to learn something the tutorial contains are often useful on social media. or if you want to know somebody or some groups of people and what are their thoughts, we can use the internet and social media as free time activity.
sometimes we cannot use correctly our free times and we don’t understand what we want to do. sometimes we are tired sometimes we cannot make our mind and the reason is unknown and we just are wasting the time.
sometimes we feel that the world is a little world not a huge world and that time reading a book or watching a great movie could help us that bring lighting to our worldview and remind us the world never is a little or small world.
The important thing for activity in free time is that we should enjoy our free times.it doesn’t matter what we can do. Reading a book, listening to music, having an exercise, watching a movie, chatting or meeting with a good friend, working on some professional program application and a lot of things that we could have them and enjoy them


Im in leisure time have reading book or last article about computer programming , check instagram , pinterest and spend time with my family or friends.
my favorite book is about psychology or philosophy especially ancient greece similar to progoratus ,heraclitus, socrates , plato , aristotel and phychologist similar to Zigmond Fruid .
However I think the life have to spend in a benefit operate and benefit operate its mean we use all brain performance in trusted framework . and trusted framework is nothing but all we speak about it is clear .


If you like to read books, I suggest you install zbook app. It contains lots of books. especially books about psychology :slight_smile:

And for your writing, I suggest you install Grammarly. It helps you write better :wink: Install it from here:


thank you master :sweat_smile:


Hi…I have written my plans for tomorrow and They are the best mix of work and
:lesson and hobby for me and that is like this
In fact all of my works are hobby because I
really enjoy from doing them
Let,s start
Five prays every day
Recite at least 1 page of Quraan
Studying English
(Body building(at home
Studying lessons
One lecture every day
Thinking time
Really really and really till morning I enjoy from all of my works


Hello, I usually spend my spare time with my wife going to the cinema or going to the shaopping. When we are off to the holidays, we travel to places where the site is flying so my wife can fly. It’s a paraglider. When I am alone, I use zabanshenasan software and I’m singing his stories, especially Harry Potter, I’m fond of fantastic stories


Cool! I have a fear of height. But I am always dreaming one day I could fly in the sky with a paraglider. I think Its an expensive hobby. Maybe in future when I become rich, I would finally buy a paraglider and make my dream come true.


Me too
Let’s all try sky diving. It seems fun
I can’t even look down from a window but I have this dream to jump from a helicopter or a plane with a parachute.


Hi. Most of my free times is devoted to studying what is related to my major. I mean when I study and work for 30 minutes I get tired and then I go watch a movie especially animations in English of course.I lie down sometimes or I surf the net. Other works that I do is listening to aj hoge if you can call that free time!
however I hope that I write correctly without any errors!
Thank you for this challenge.


Nowadays, I have no free time to do my favorite habits, but in used to my friends and I had been traveling in our country when we had time to rest. If I have time to rest, I prefer to stay at home and spend my time with my family.I used to play cards and soccer with my friends when I had free time in the past, but in these days I prefer to practice English language in my free time.