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Our new topic is:
If you could live as a celebrity/famous person for one day/week, who would you be? from @Sajad_Farahani

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In general, I can say that I almost, don’t like a celebrity or famous person. I totally hate being famous! But, there is an exception, here and about this subject. It’s also so easy to guess.

I would have been an American singer.


In my original writing on this topic, I will talk and write more about him / her. :grin::heart::blue_heart:

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This is my first time writing here, I’m jus trying to participate in this kind of discussions. I hope, as a first time, it will make a good experience to remind of.
Well,…talking about celebrities, I can’t understand them! You know, Their life style is so different from mine, their relations are weird for me. I think they live in a completely different world from the one I live !
There are some actors I like, some singers I admire, but I have never wanted to be some one else, even if I like them.

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By the way, I totally agree with you @elahehvelayati ,I don’t like to be famous either,I would miss my privacy :wink:

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I cannot bear to be seen or noticed, by anybody, anytime, anywhere! :expressionless::joy: So, what about my own DAMN privacy! :joy: I cannot even imagine or put myself in this horrific or terrible situation for a moment!

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I see😉
You would upload your personal photo as your profile picture here, if you liked to be noticed , right?:sweat_smile:

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Hello :blossom:

Good midnight

How hard it is to be famous :disappointed_relieved:

I think I am a well know university professor
To day as usual I have to go to class and give a lecture on a new topic all students know me :roll_eyes:

They know me as a hard- working🤔
really skilled :slightly_smiling_face: and really kind professor :sweat_smile:

I wish :cry:
I would not go class on time
I was going to travel to a very far place , it is same truth :slightly_smiling_face:

Today after a long time I took a detailed leave without any worries , I was getting ready for a fun trip with my family⁦☺️⁩ ,

almost everything was ready .
Until at this point my colleague told me that a research team from Poland and Austria come university , I told my colleague that is normal as usual ,:smiley:

He said this not the case this time and he said they have come to talk you about a New project that you presented data there month ago :grin::grimacing:

I could not believe that my leisure
trip was so early disrupted😳

Oh my God :pleading_face:

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Yes, indeed! You’re absolutely right. I could even complete the Biography’s section. But I didn’t do that and left only a few Emoji! Like these ones! :joy::joy::blue_heart::yellow_heart::heart::green_heart::ribbon::dizzy::gem::maple_leaf::sunflower:

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I used so many eimojis that :grin: :rofl::rofl:

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You know what? I would die for you! :joy::dizzy::ribbon:
You’re so cool. :blue_heart::gem:

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you are right :grin:
What should I do :rofl:

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Just go and don’t make me laugh so much! :joy::heart:

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:smile: Just to add the links of previous topics to the first posts:

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Special invitation for:
@yourname @M.HosSeiN

Hussein, where are you? :neutral_face:

I’ll try to write something later. :smile:

Thank you Ms Sepehri, for creating the topic. :hibiscus: :hibiscus:

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where are you?

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Bonjour, mon ami! (Hello, my friend) :smile:

Around the corner. Where are you? :neutral_face:

Mehrab, my bum hurts (sorry for the word); Today, I went for a loooo (go for three hours) ooong (long) biking. I couldn’t feel my fingers from the cold and my feet from pedaling.
How are you doing, mate? :smile:

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bravo :clap::clap::clap:
you are an Athlete

in where, did you biking?

we have 2jungle in heart of city and (Fifteen minutes away from home) a lot of jungle in around of my city, but i dont love biking, i love walking :expressionless::grin:
i think im lazy :grin::grin::grin:

do you have hurt now?
you can use “hot water bottle” if you are still cold
I hope you get well soon

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Hello :blossom:
I think you are an educated person because you have become accustomed to cycling :hibiscus:

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You are a really educated person you do not rade a bike and walking is also geat :hibiscus:

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thanks :tulip::tulip::tulip:, i think you are a educated person

beacuse You know how to deal and communicate with other people
This is a great blessing, and all people cant be like you :rainbow::tulip::tulip::tulip:
i cant guess how old are you and whats your education, beacuse you have sensitive personality(1) and The right approach(2):rosette::rosette::rosette:
1:روحیه لطیف
2:برخورد صحیح

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